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安康生涯24准绳 24 Healthy Life Tips
1.使命与生涯部署有序,家庭协调,心境兴奋。Arrange your work and life regularly, harmonious your family and happy mood.
2.养成卫生环保的生涯习气。Develop good living habits on personal hygiene and environmental protection.
3.经常适当磨炼身段,每次运动时间30分钟以上,每周7天都要保持。Exercise regularly with each time more than 30min and at least 5times a week.
4.能走路不骑车,能骑车不坐车,能爬楼不乘梯。By walking rather than cycling, cycling rather than taking buses, and climbing stairs rather than taking elevators.
5.不宜久坐,每小时起身运动10分钟。Don’t sit still too long, and have relax for 10min per hour.
6.一天喝水许多于500毫升,不逾越3000毫升。Drink water at least 500ml per day, and not exceeds 3000ml every day.
7.养分早餐很主要。Having a rich breakfast is very important.
8.天天的食物中蔬菜、水果、谷类、豆类应占食物总量的2/3以上。Every day, vegetables, fruits, cereal and legumes shall take up more than 2/3 of food.
9.饮食七八分饱,看重养分搭配,限制高脂肪食物,以油腻为好。Eat appropriately with suitable intake and nutritious food combination. Limit high-fat food and preferably have light food.
10.餐前喝汤。吃水果时间最好不才昼3-4点。Drink soup before meals. The best time to have fruits is between 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
11.增添食用油和食盐旳攝入,天天食用油以25克为好,食盐不逾越6克。Reduce the intake of cooking oil and salt. Prefer to have 25g cooking oil every day and 6g salt maximally.
12.天天胆固醇的摄取量应低于300毫克,相当于一个半鸡蛋黄。The intake of cholesterol every day shall be less than 300mg, which is equal to one and half egg yolks.
13.定期体检,经常监测你的体重、血压、血脂和血榶。Have physical examinationregularly, and often examine your weight, blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar.
14.准确分辨症状,实时用药并咨询医生或药师。Judge disease symptoms correctly, have medicine timely, meanwhile consult with health professionals.
15.晚年人应当多作育生涯喜欢。Senior citizens shall establish hobbies of life.
16.迷信应用非处方药自我药疗,请务必仔细浏览药品诠释书。When administrating OTC medicines for self-medication, please read drug inserts carefully.
17.不要依附安息药物入眠。Don't rely on sleeping pills.
18.每3个月整理一次药箱或药柜,稳妥处置赏罚赏罚已过时的药物。Sort out your medicine box or cabinet per 3 months, and dispose appropriately the expired medicines.
19.宝宝用药最好选择儿童公用药品,不宜将成人药品直接减量应用。Children should administrate children dedicated medicines, and it is not advisable to give children the reduced dose of adult medicines.
20.日夕刷牙,飯后漱口。Clean teeth on morning, evening and after meals.
21.尽能够防止熬夜。Don't stay up late with might and main.
22.电脑应用太过,掩护目力,预防青少年远视眼。Use computer properly, protect your eyesight and keep youngsters from being shortsighted.
23.不吸烟。No smoking.
24.不饮酒或限量飮酒。No drinking or drinking properly.